Purpose of Humans vs. Animals

As humans have developed an additional faculty of rationality and logic, we may have an additional purpose than those of the animals. As this faculty may make us challenge our purpose of simply procreating and following happiness. It may want us to find an existential purpose, in the way of humanism. It may ask us to bypass our own happiness for the happiness of others. And it may ask us to not procreate to slow the overpopulating of the earth.

Thus while the purpose of animals was to simply procreate and find short term and long term happiness, the human mind has evolved to need other needs as well. These needs may even overwhelm the underlying urges.

It is here that existentialism, humanism, religion, and others thrive and secularism breaks down. But I will do my best to bring a secular evidence and philosophy based approach to this aspect of purpose and meaning of life. As it is here that the work needs to begin.

Purpose of Humans vs. Animals

6 thoughts on “Purpose of Humans vs. Animals

  1. The faculty of rationality and logic may not be inchargpe all the time.
    Survival of the fittest may take over and our consciences may be ignored.
    I do not believe we are in control of our own destiny let alone that of other living things on the planet.
    To date the evidence seems to point to the fact we are out of control.


      1. Yes indeed some do but many don’t.
        I think the vast magority, apart from those battling to survive starvation, are concerned with getting on with their lives. Breathing is not a faculty it is an involuntary action like heart beat.


      2. Great point.

        Many people also do not think about these issues to begin with or settle with the animal purposes. Which based on evolution may apply to us as well.

        The point I am making is that since our logic and reason has evolved, Kant feels that we should utilize that faculty for decision making. We should use it to decide our duties. To create the world that we want to live in etc.

        I am then making the point that this may even be at the expense of those underlying purposes of happiness and procreation in some cases.


      3. I agree logic has the power to save us and many active crusaders are pressing for its use. Ask yourself is the world going to listen ; has it ever listened? We face an antibiotic apocalypse and serious climatic dangers yet we focus our attention on going to Mars or building mordern weaponry. Science which should be our saving grace may be our downfall.
        Sam Harris the well known atheist has suggested we may use well- being as a moral yardstick for our actions.


      4. Exactly. Maybe the whole system is messed up. Maybe the truth is this natural order I uncovered or our animalistic purpose of happiness and procreation. And this whole moral thing is a made up concept created by people later on such as religion, state, ugly poor people for various agendas.

        But as none of them are backed by happiness (dopamine, seratonin etc.) or an actual procreation advantage indicator we should override them and throw them out.

        It just seems that some people are rich, have kids, are passionate about what they do, but they are still seeking something else. Which is why I feel they created existentialism and humanism. These ideas of creating meaning trying to help others, etc. it is here that as you point out a lot of vagueness lies and we may need to uncover.

        Of course it could be that this is all bs. And really they are only getting short bursts of happiness. As they live in the wrong culture. And they value money over passion and meaning, which provide longer bursts of happiness. Or they are not following their life purpose of having tons of kids, and are being hampered by monogamy and other institutions.

        I just feel that once we start to uncover this part of the question we can start making some real progress at shining light on the subject. And moving all these religious and half baked ideas to the side.

        Philosophers built their entire premise on logics use. But I think you may be right about not many people living lives of pure reason. We live in communities, we tell lies etc. but I think what is important is knowing he truth. I may find that my previous position was the correct one. And that would be an important discovery. But that won’t mean I’m necessarily going to start fucking every woman I meet without a condom and trying to get as many women I know pregnant and convince them to have my baby. But at least I will know what is right. And what my purpose was. And that mission in life/ reason we are here is not a spiritual deep question. But a simple one of procreating and increasing happiness both short term (food and drugs) and long term (passion and meaning).

        I think that your point of resources is well taken. We often allots resources ineffectively. However in your example I am guessing we are planning on leaving the earth a wasteland and just moving to another planet. Or using that planet to mine for resources to bring back to earth. That is why we are afraid of aliens. Because that is what we would do and it scares us.


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