Self improvement for Valentines Day

I have a couple of areas I need to improve on which would make me a better boyfriend and partner. Of course this will not be easy. But I guess they will make me a better person anyway.

  • I could work on listening more, 
  • be more thoughtful and empathetic. 
  • I could try to be less cheap, 
  • Not be mean under the pretense of truth.
  • Try to cooperate more and generally be less of an asshole. 
  • I could do boxing in the morning,
  • And watch what I eat.

Of course these will not be easy. But if I really care about myself and my girlfriend / future partners it is probably best that I work on these aspects of myself.

Self improvement for Valentines Day

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I hold a bachelors in Psychology (honors), and a masters degree in Bioethics. I have been interested in finding a meaningful, valuable, purposeful, and truthful life for some time.

I had studied in the top Rabbinical Colleges in the world. When I was 1 test away from being a Rabbi I found philosophy, and after doing research into the foundational beliefs of Judaism I became an atheist.

I have been looking for a solid set of principles and perspectives to utilize in living my life to the fullest. I do this with criticism and openness. Which means that I am open to truth from wherever it comes. And I give all knowledge the same level of critique.

As I believe there are others out there who may be interested in my journey and process of sorting through questions and ideas I have created this blog. Please feel free to contact me by email at

About The Author